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Why aren’t my learners receiving green checkmarks?

Green checkmarks, also known as progress indicators, appear on the unit level and the subsection level when the learner has completed the unit. A “completed” unit is a unit where the learner has answered every problem, watched every video all the way through, and viewed the unit page for at least five seconds. These checkmarks are intended as a way for learners to keep track of their progress through the course, and they do not impact grades, course completion, or the ability to earn a certificate. 

Course teams can check which units the learner can see checkmarks for by viewing the course as the specific learner. Here are a few reasons that learners might not see a green checkmark even if they believe they have completed a unit:

  • The learner has not viewed the last few seconds of a video.
  • The learner has skipped a problem.
  • The learner has not viewed the unit for a full five seconds. This is a fairly common source of confusion, as some learners will move quickly through course units if there isn’t a lot of content on the page or if the page only points them to a discussion or an internal resource.
  • The unit contains components that do not communicate with the completion API. 

If all learners are not seeing a checkmark for a specific unit, there may be a bug with how the tool is processing a particular combination of course components. If that is the case, please contact support for further guidance.

Updated on June 1, 2022

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