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Steps in an open response assessment (ORA)

Open response assessments can have several different steps, which will be listed in the order required for you to complete them. You will not be able to skip through steps, only as you complete steps will you be able to progress through the assessment.

The essay assignments are setup to be Staff graded and are not Self or Peer graded on the platform. This limits the number of steps involved in completing the assignment.

Upon submitting your response to the ORA, you may be required to complete any combination of the following steps depending on the ORA.

  • Your Response: This is usually the first step of an ORA and will usually require you to submit your answer to a prompt. There could be multiple response fields for an essay assignment.
  • Staff Grade: This is when instructors of your course will review and grade your submission. If you do receive a staff grade, it will always override any peer assessment grades that you received.
Steps To Complete An Essay Assignment
Updated on June 2, 2022

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