Course Team Management

Monitoring a course can be a daunting task and requires a bit of assistance. Or, perhaps, your course is better led by a team. In either case, adding team management members to a course will allow other users to monitor a course.

To add a team member to a course, follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to your staff account on EducateWorkforce.
  2. Select Instructor, and then choose Membership.
  3. In the Course Team Management section, select Staff, Admin, or Beta Testers.
    • Staff: Course team members with the Staff role help you manage your course. Staff can enroll and unenroll learners, modify their grades, and access all course data. Staff also have access to your course in Studio and Insights. You can only give course team roles to enrolled users.
    • Admin: Course team members with the Admin role help you manage your course. They can do all of the tasks that Staff can do and can also add and remove the Staff and Admin roles, discussion moderation roles, and the beta tester role to manage course team membership. You can only give course team roles to enrolled users.
    • Beta Testers: Beta Testers can see course content before other learners. They can make sure that the content works, but have no additional privileges. You can only give course team roles to enrolled users.
  4. Under the list of users who currently have that role, enter an email address or username, and then select Add for the role type.

If you try to add a course team member who is not already registered they will not appear in the course team management list; no feedback will be provide by the platform indicating that the team member was not added successfully. Please have the team member register for an account on the platform and try adding them again.

Course Team Management interface.
Updated on June 2, 2022

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