How to Identify Assignments in the Gradebook

When you visit the gradebook or view a learner’s progress report, assignments will be labeled more simply than the full title of the assignment. There are multiple ways to find out which assignment you’re looking at. They are outlined below.


Hovering Over With Your Mouse

When you view the grade book or an individual progress report, you can hover over the activity to see which assignment grade is being displayed. Examples are below.

If you hover your mouse over the column of which assignment you are looking at, an informational text box will appear with full title of the assignment.

Hovering your mouse over a specific assignment’s progress bar on a student’s progress report will tell you the title of the assignment.

Looking in Grading Configuration

Under the Data Download tab, you are able to see the full titles of assignments next to the abbreviated title. Below you find an image that may help you interpret the assignment titles.

An example of the bottom half of the dashboard under Grading Configuration
  1. Once you get to the Data Download tab, press the button Grading Configuration.
  2. A dashboard of text will appear below where you clicked. For seeing assignment titles, look at the bottom half of text.
  3. In the example image above, the full title of an assignment is underlined in red and the abbreviated title that appears in the gradebook and progress reports is underlined in green. In this instance, when you see “Activity 01” in the gradebook, you can see that it corresponds to the section activity “Lesson 1: Hammers and Screwdrivers”
Updated on July 14, 2022

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