Unenrolling Learners from a Course

You can remove learners from a course by unenrolling them. To prevent learners from re-enrolling, course enrollment must also be closed. 

Unenrollment does not delete data for a learner. An unenrolled learner’s state remains in the database and is reinstated if the learner does re-enroll.

To unenroll learners, you supply the email addresses of enrolled learners.

  1. Log in to EducateWorkforce with your instructor or staff account.
  2. Navigate to the course of interest.
  3. Select the Instructor tab.
  4. Select Membership.
  5. In the Batch Enrollment section of the page, enter a username or an email address, or multiple usernames or addresses separated by commas or new lines.
Batch enrollment example.
  1. In the Enter the reason why the students are to be manually enrolled or unenrolled field, enter a specific, detailed reason why you want to unenroll these learners.
  2. To send learners an email message, leave Notify students by email selected.
  3. Select the Unenroll button.
Enroll/Unenroll buttons.

The Auto Enroll option has no effect when you select Unenroll.

Updated on May 19, 2022

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