What are Content Libraries?

Exams and quizzes are different than other types of assignments on course module. These types of assignments do not present the same questions to every student but rather pull from a content library of multiple questions.

Content libraries are used to pull in problems from a bank of questions in randomized order. These are pulled in randomly, such that, every learner (including the administration staff) will have a different subset of all questions available.


Activities do not use content libraries; This means that every student and instructor will receive the same questions on an activity assignment in the same order.

Module Reinforcements

Modules pull from their own content libraries, meaning that each module has its own individual library of questions available. Questions will be pulled randomly from the question bank and will have a randomized order. The Module Quiz page is setup to pull 10+ questions from a content library. 


Exams pull from multiple different content libraries; Questions on exams can be pulled from previous module quizzes or the final exam content library. Their order is randomized.

Dealing with Issues Relating to Module Reinforcements and Exams

If you need information about a question on a Module Reinforcements assignment and/or Exams, the process for identifying that is different than that of other assignment types.

If a learner inquires about a specific question on their exam or module reinforcement, when you visit the same assignment in your own instructor account, the questions are not necessarily the same as the learner’s because every user receives a different set of questions.

To see the question that a learner is referring to, instead of viewing the assignment in Staff View, view the assignment in Specific Learner View to see what the specific learner selected for a problem or perform a problem reset. To see more information about changing between views, please see “How To View Course Content Based On Roles?“.

Once you have switched to a specific learner’s viewpoint on the assignment in question, you can view the questions the specific learner received. To obtain the information needed to look at a specific question you will need to find the question and click Staff Debug Info. Once the pop-up appears, find display_name. The text beside this will look somewhat like this: CL-FAA-ACS-AM-IB-ACD-MOD3-PROBLEM / 009. This is the identifier of the question in the content library database. You can use this information when looking at Problem Grade Reports or when contacting support about a question in either Module Reinforcements or Exams.

An example of “Display_Name” under the Staff Debug Info for a specific problem
Updated on June 2, 2022

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